Rats! #2  

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So, main body of the last one packmaster is more or less finished, i might add another highlight to the faces of the tiny winy mice the crawl on his body, was just about when the little monster woke up again, my son Gabriel (8 months) has a very effective anti-hobby sensor built in his body. gah! ;) their faces are so small and not super casted, but i try to make them look decent.

these pictures make the piece little justice, but better than the last ones at least...

just the whip some brushwork on the base left. yay!

250 Hobby-Fanatics and 1(!) Mini - A project by Jérémie Bonamant Tebaoul  

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I want to share with you a project which you´ll propably never see again. A project that has gone `round the world. It was started back in September 2003 by Jérémie Bonamant Tebaoul and finished in 2008.

250 people from all over the world worked on single pieces of this project without knowing exactly, what the other`s are doing.

"What kind of project is he talking about...?"

We`re speaking of a Giant!

Pictures are talking much more then words can do, right? So... feel the magic!! Be impressed by work done in a collective. Always keep in mind, that more then 250 people worked on 1 mini!

Here`s the link to the gallery full of pictures (starting with some WIP-shots and finished by a bunch of overviews and details): CLICK ME!

Here`s the description by Jérémie on his website:

"The Cadavre Exquis, or Exquisite Cadaver, is a game collectively invented by a group of surrealists.  In this amusing game, several people made sentences, or perhaps illustrations, without knowing what the other creators were doing.  Over the years, everyone who wanted to participate in the festivities donated parts from their bits box and brought those parts to a meeting, or to gave them to a friend to bring, or even sent them by carrier pigeon.  In July 2008, around 250 people have put their fingers into putty and paint, but this project will continue to evolve and evolve again. 
What’s that?  This project is crazy you say?  You’re right!!!!"


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So sad the days of Rackham is over cause they had some of the best miniatures on the market, which i found out too late. Fortunately, you can do some pretty awesome deals when shops sell out their stash of confrontation miniatures. I was lucky when I found out the Swedish site “figurspel.se” was selling out their stuff for 2 euro/blister! I probably found out too late cause most of the coolest miniatures were long gone (dirz, mid nor etc) but at least I could grab on to a lot a goblin miniatures. Some of them are pretty “meh” but other like the psychomutants and this xherus dude made it all worth it by far!

I also picked up my next project after the last rat is finished, a copy of the new plastic mordor troll. This is going to be victimized of my first oil colour tryout, and hopefully be decent enough to also bring to the gamesday. Im a little bit disappointed by the lack of options I might add, but I still think it’s a cool miniature.

Hopefully there will be some time for painting soon, currently my work and lack of free-time is putting sticks in the wheel effectively.

2nd try  

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As mentioned in my last post I ve started to shading the beasts head. I ve deceided to part thje mini in several areas so I don`t have to paint everything at once just to recognize later, that I ve missed to paint a detail here and there.

I ve spend about 1 hour just with adding grey grey grey and even more grey to the recesses. Maybe a mistake, or just a waste of time... because the result looked like I ve used a simple wash all over! This is something I could see as "learning by doing"!

But where you ll find shadow you re also able to find some light! So I ve worked out the highlights in the color of the absecoat again. Suprise! Now it looks like a mini. Still not finished the highlighting process, there are also some colored washes missing. But those will follow when I ve finished first highlights to get backl the shape of his head.

Someone in a forum I am visiting told me to add some purple washes to his mouth / tongue. And another person mentioned that the teeth are a little bit too monotone. So I ve worked on both parts till I was satisfied with the result.

I hope that my little step`s don`t cause bored faces all over. I`m just nto paintingmood right now and want to share all my success and fails.

Keep on happy brushlicking people! Tanks for reading.

Misslucked shadings  

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Good morning world!

I am not heading to just share all my successful painting with you, so here`s soemthing that went wrong. *sigh* There are always things which doesn`t look like you ve imagined first. I guess everyone knows this kind of problem. First we`re trying to correct little mistakes, but what are u doing if it`s totally different to what you was aiming for? Right, you ll add a new basecoat and start over again! That`s what I ve done recently, and even the 2nd try misslucked somehow. But I ll try to correct it to not add a 3rd basecoat. I m afraid of losing details.

Mixed together a basecoat for my 1st ogryn chaos beast. As you can see on the following picture it s a very bright purple. I was wondering. Just mixed some VMC Scarlet red with VMC Ghost grey. I thought it gives me a lightly warm, bright grey. But... pruple? Anyway, used this mixture to see what ui can get out of it. Here`s the result:

Hmm... don`t looks good. It`s far away from what I imagine with an albino. So it`s the wrong color. Next basecoat please...! And in my rage of painting I ve added first shades before taking a photo for you:

I have the feeling that simply using VMC Ghost grey without any additional color could fit. Working out shadows with different colours, preferable blue, purple and red could give me the skintone I want. But... blue seems to not be the right decission. This evening I ll add harsh shadows with ghost grey + brown and grey to smooth those out. Highlights will follow too. When this is done color comes into the game. Adding some high diluted washes to get the look I want here and there.

Wish me luck! I ll kepp you up to date.


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The beginning of the end, here are some wip shots of the last packmaster in my rat ogre regiment for German GD this year. photographing is far from perect but you get the idea anyway. im going for a "realistic" look but using bright colours, the unit is dominated by purple and magenta colours.

the face is rather brigtht to get the attention, but i might tone it down a bit after the whole piece is finished. also some light osl will be added from the jewelry around his neck.

New Design and some WIP-Shots  

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We proudly present you our new design. As this is a new blog there are several things we have to do before it`s close to perfect... or at least looking like we imagine. On the right site you`ll find some blogs we could recommend due to the great inspirational pictures, tutorials and stories you could read there.

Let me tell you a few words about me and my way back to miniature painting. We (my family) are living in germany, close to Hamburg. A beautiful city at all, full of life, high society, poor people and everything between those. I was painting minis and playing warhammer more then 10 years ago. Just for fun, you know? I was wondering how people could paint like seen in the White Dwarf, always tried to give my best. But hey, I was mainly playing with those minis until... yes, until I ve lost interest in it. So I ve stopped playing (and painting) minis, sold all my stuff and did other things. I think it is 2 or 3 years now that I am lurking at the cmon forum and gallery. Just some clicks each day. Slowly I ve started to lurk in the forums too, read many many tutorials and threads on how to do this and that. Hell, there is no way out of this hobby! Bought full equipment in April 2010 and started to pain minis again. Only painting. I am aiming for high showcase-quality, a long and stony road. But each mini I am painting will get me a little bit closer to it. If you re reading this and the following posts feel free to leave any comments about my work. Any advice is appreciated!

And here we go on with my current project. Just painted the mouth and applied a basecoat to the skin after taking the photos.

First post!  

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So, welcome to the pope's hat and my first post here, a slow beginning to world domination. i hope to make updated more regulary here than what im been able to at the different forums. yeah. for you that havent heard of me im a Swedish guy in my best years that like to waste most of my spare time painting little miniatures. perferably big muscular guys and undead stuff.

Im currently working on a pack of rat ogres that is going to be my entry for this years golden deamon in germany, i will post some shots here soon.

but, first another project. i simply had enough with the shitty gw paint pots, and colours that dry in two weeks time. so, i finally bought some vallejo drop pots... sigh.. still think the gw colours outgun the vallejo ones, so not much to do...

The Beast within...  

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Worked a bit on my project again. Progress is slow... but steady!

Corrected all moldlines I ve not seen or prepared carefully enough and primed the minis black. After this I ve added a white fog over them to be sure that colors are easier to apply.


I am aiming for simple bases without much assecories to pull the full attention to the minis. Dried wasteland is the goal. First step here was some cork glued on the bases. I ll add some Crackle Medium as soon as I ve got my order. will take about 10-14 days. So I am not able to do any more work on the bases.

Cleaned my workstation yesterday. so I am able to concentrate on paitning the minis.

Stay tuned, because the egg hat is everywhere!

Preparation for Golden Demon 2011  

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A quick few on my preparation of my project for the Golden Demon 2011.

After I ve realised that my first thought of entering with a heavy convertet GW Giant wouldn`t be finished in time I was looking for some other stuff. There was my order at Forgeworld which I was waiting for. It`s the Ogryn Beast Handler. I wasn`t able to find any painted version of it, so here`s the promotional picture:

So far,

Little Princess  

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Here`s my latest piece I ve recently finished:

It`s the "Little Princess" from Runic Miniatures.

I ve got this Mini from some kind of Mini-Exchange in our german forum. This mini is destined to be painted for my girlfriend. A promise I ve made a long time ago!

So I had to think about things far away from blood, monsters and any other cruel things. The opposite of it is... yes, peace, what else? I ve used pastel-colours all over get a smooth optic. The theme for base is something, my girlfriend loves. Candies...! So I ve tried to made some sugarcanes out of greenstuff to glue them on the base. Frist I was thinking of using those to hang in the tree like fruits, but the samples I ve made for were way tooo big for it. Also it was looking more funny thens erious. So I ve cut the top of those to use the canes for a little fence with little pearls. You know those wristbands made of sugar? Tasty!

The tree was made out of wire covered with greenstuff and milliput. For the elafs I ve used a product named "Eichenlaub" from mininatur. It`s a flocked mat with realistic leafs that has to be cut into pieces to simply glue it on. Very easy - and as you can see: Very realistic too.

I hope you ll like it. Would lvoe to get some comments to work on my paintingskills. You re also invited to vote for it in the big gallery.