Some colours...  

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Little update; First shots of the ogryn paintjob, he is turning out pretty darklooking as most of my paintjobs. things are not going very fast, its finally some nice weather here in Sweden so have to take the chances outside. so not that much painting.

Regarding paintjob so far; Wanted something different for the skin so i went the hard way and did a pattern of veins all over the skin areas. luckily the boss other arm is robotic ;)

continued working the eyes, first idea was to make some osl there but reconsidered and made them like regular goggles instead, to make him look less robotic. here is some pictures of current status.

Cabinet of horror - Chapter II  

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Let`s continue the freaky horror show.

Today I want to introduce you a piece with the title "my best work!!!!!!!!!". I am not sure if this is serious, but this man has discovered a unique way of painting minis. Just click on the picture to reveal the secret of his technique:

Best work cubed

As you all know converting miniatures makes them to single-pieces all over the world. Some people are more skilled then others, but most of the time you could at least imagine what the person was aiming for. The following picture shows you something I would identify as a chaos spawn, but I am totally unsure if even this is the right name for it. Maybe some of you are able to tell me, what this is:

Unidentified cubed

Creating battle damage using Masking Fluid  

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Here’s my tutorial about how to make battle damage out of masking fluid.

What you need:
*A bad ass battle hardened miniature. Or at least a miniature with details that are battle hardened. Or at least a miniature that got some beaten stuff at the base. Ah, you get the point!
*At least two paint pots with different colours obviously(although id prefer some more for shading/highlights…) to use with brush or airbrush.
*A cheap crappy brush you’ll never use again
*Masking fluid

Here is my damaged piece; an ork waaagh-banner that need some beating. Image shown below shows it with a basecoat of boltgun metal 100%.
Added some Bestial brown, dark flesh, scaly green and black using a kind of rough feathering/glacing technique, every brushstroke hasn’t have to be perfect as most of it will be overpainted anyway. You don’t really have to make any shading at all at this stage at all, as both the main colour and the damaged areas can with advantage be shaded together instead. more important is that you get the highlight the way you want it before using the fluids, this is because the different types of area most certainly need different colours for highlight.

Masking fluid, i use W&N brand, cost about £3-4 and shoud be included in every orklovers home. mask the areas that are battledamaged. Just randomly dot it on chaotically and it will be fine.

use one old worn out or really cheapa$$ brush, the fluid ruins it in no time!
After the fluid have dried, which shouldn’t take long – like a minute or so, repaint the banner. try to get a really thin layers of paint (or even better – use an airbrush..). Otherwise the masking will be very hard to remove.
The masking is removed with a rubber or a "hard" brush and tweezers. try not to get too violent when removing it… it can be a little frustrating at times but I should be removed pretty easy if the above layer is thin. It can be nice though if you try to remember just about where you put the most liquid so you know “where to dig…”Full glory pic. i paint a really thin white line beneath the damaged areas to get a more "3d" effect of the damage. Also, some additional weathering will make it even better. Here's an image of the finished model with the banner, not the best photos but yeah...


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Some smaller updates of the ogryn base. went for a trenchy no-mans-land kind of base for this guy, im probably going to add lost of mudd and dirt later. at least it didnt get too small :)

The mini itself is actually well casted, especially in comparison to the latest so-called "finecast" miniatures. just a big miscast below the over arm, but no problem filling that with some milliput. otherwise, just some broken and bent spikes, as always when its Forgeworld. Stuff that happend when you package in a stupid plasic bag!

Painting time...

Cabinet of horror - Chapter I  

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Whenever I am sad...
or a mini is not as it should...
or I just want to laugh again...

...I am looking at pictures like these:

Pink Marine cubed

(Simply click on the picture to reveal the original)

The cabinet of horror will be a frequently updated horrorshow to safe your day! Make sure to never miss an update and follow us.

Please remember: There`s always someone painting even more worse then you do.

As this is the first chapter in the cabinet of horror we have an additional epic fail for you, it`s a well known character from Lord of the Rings...

Gandalf cubed

Can you feel the magic?

Wet Blending 1.1 or Be brave!  

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Today I want to keep it short.

After a meeting with a friend to paint some hours together I know some things I have to improve.

First of all: I am painting with too thinned color. So my layers are tending to get chalky. The brighter the color the more chalky it was. So, 2nd thing I ve learned: Be brave and paint with thicker colors man!

After trying to add several layers of dark flesh to maulkgs hands I ve given the wetblending a try. Since I am not very familar with this technique I have to learn it. The result is satisfying, at least in my eyes ;)

I am trying to let maulg interact more with the base. He`s more implemented now. Still have to work a lot on him. But he`s slowly getting more and more color.

Do I ve told you that I love this mini?! Yes, I do!

Here`s the current status. Please excuse the bad pictures. Next time there will be better ones!




Hirst Art!  

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Not much hobby activites lately, got some nice sunny days and when living in Sweden you have to take every chance you can to get some sun...

But I got my hands on stome hirst art mould at least, get them at . pretty expensive stuff but after trying them out i must say they are worth every penny! here they are together with the king himself

Just pour some plaster into them...

...and "wola"! lots of really sweet basing material, perfect for 28-32 mm miniatures. these moulds can be used 100's of times obviously so you can build a castle if you want...

two thumbs up says the little man!

Issue with commenting a post  

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I`ve recognized that it wasn`t able to leave a comment. So I was looking for the reason and fixed the problem.

Now you could leave comments all the way. Feel free to ask any questions or leave a feedback for us.

Feel the egghat! =)

Finally, a new project!  

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So, those damned rats are finished, at least so finished as i manage to get them right now. only need to find a nice plaque/sign and its all done.

Briskly to the next project then. have some minis i really want to paint right now, like the Enigma demon of atrocity, Metal mini's King of Deads and at least two Rackham dirz clones but the choice fell on the Renegade Orgyn with DKOK victim, soooo cool piece!

started with the base this time, made the base out of super sculpty fimo clay, its just the basic shape lots of stuff will be added later.

Surfing ogryn ;)

Desaturated red  

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After some Feedback I ve desaturated the red of the fallen king. As you can see he`s lost his orange touch. He also has got some more shades with a dark green. Looks much betetr now I think.

Pictures are not the best as the red is very hard to catch with my camera. Have to find the best settings for it first.

maulg green 3

Maulg green

Maulg green 2

Santa is coming OR another king has fallen  

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Hey folks! Yes, 2 updates in a row. I am in writing-mood at the moment.

Some things happened during my last and this post. On last Saturday i was invited to take part on a painting-day by some new friends i knew from Das Bemalforum. Beside seeing beautiful painted miniatures i ve got a lot of feedback on my previous work and my current WIP.

They ve showed me how to wetblend. A technique i ve never used before. Sure, i ve read some tutorials about it before, but whenever i ve tested this the result was horrible. After they told me what i have to do exactly this technique doesn t seems to be so bad.

After some tests on the beast you ve seen in my previous posts i ve started to work on a New one with the New learned technique. Here s the result:

As you can see i ve tried to blend from a strong pink over grey / rosa and purple into darkgrey for the deepest areas. Not easy... If i d more experienced in werblending it could have been a successful try. But... As you See my blending is far away from beeing soft.

Next step? Painting Beast number 3.

I ve schossen a more classic colortheme for him. In my opinion it s much easier to wetblend dark colors into each other. Look at this:

He s far away from beeing finshed, but i get a feeling for how to mix colors on a mini. And i think thats all that counts, right? Learning New techniques in this hobby is very excited!

Before going crazy i started with my beloved King Maulg. I was talking of Santa in the topic. When you See the pictures below you know why.

It s hard for me to catch the color as it is. Please be kind and regard that the colors you ll See are not doing justice at all. Maybe a sentence minipainter saying quite often, but you can believe me: it s the first time i am saying that!!

How to strip a resin- / finecast-mini  

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Since Games Workshop is using resin to cast miniatures it s more important then ever before to know how to strip painted resinminiatures.

There are several ways to do so. Some fluids I ve tested worked, some not. And some destroyed the minis... :( So, let me tell you how I am stripping resinminis.

First of all i ll start with a list of things you need:

1. Orange Terpen from Schmincke (it s the worlds best brushcleaner!)
2. An old toothbrush
3. Some protecting glasses
4. Any kind of cup
5. A miniature you want to free from the paint


Fill a little bit of the Orange terpen in your cup and gently dip the brushes of your old toothbrush. Be careful and just dip the brushes into it, otherwise your toothbrush will look like this:


Now you can pick up your mini and brush all over it. You ll see how the paint is getting fluid immidiatly. Just brush all over until it s clean. You could use an old brush with a tough point to reach areas you can t reach with your toothbrush.

Make sure to protect your eyes from the sprinkles caused by brushing the mini. The Orange terpen is acid for your eyes!!


Finally you just have to wash your stripped mini with some soap and water. Now it s ready to be primed again :)