The Egghat is moving!!  

Posted by Arne Wilkens

Hey folks,

it`s a while ago that you were able to fetch any news from here. And there`s a quiet simple reason for. Some weeks ago we scouted for 1-2 additional members for the egghat to be able to feed you with even more news. Out of this idea we`ve gathered 3 other people interested in this. Instead of simply adding them we deceided to start all oevr with a new blog.

Your profit? A semi-professional design, a bunch of tutorials, more news and everything else that sticks together with some more people on a blog!

You are invited to follow our further actions on the new blog:

It makes me a bit sad to leave the egghat behind me, so much efford invested to this one. But hey, it`s always going on, isn´t it?

So click here to see the new one. Make us happy by following us there.

Good bye ...

Your Egghats