Time went by fast - GD is coming closer! A short WIP report  

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It seems like the days went by really fast the closer the GD-Event is coming. Most of you will know that those days are full of preparataionwork and final touches. Maybe a last, really fast project to get another entry. And maybe days full of stress just because you re not in time with your latest project. That`s what happened to me. But I try to keep it cool. It`s my first GD ever and my entry should be a mini which I could be proud of. so no rushing, no half painted places or a bad basework.

Today I want to share my current progress on my ork sqwadron commander. There`s not much what happened, but I am satisfied with the result so far. Not every area is finished there, so don`t worry about bad blendings right now (walkie talkie arm; trouser...).

Before I started to paint on his left arm I tried a small freehand-tattoo. Nothing spectacular, but nice for a first try since shadows and highlights would cover it later anyway. I ll add a similar freehand later when everything on his arm is done, but not in white. Instead I would use a dark red to not pull attention to his arm.

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