Limited Forgeworld Ork Sqwadron Commander - Preparation  

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Another day - another mini.

Since I`ve realised that I am not able to finish my planned project until German Games Day 2011 I deceided to start with a smaller one.

Stefan send me some minis as a birthdaypresent back in April. Beside some orknobz and other nice minis there was a very special miniature. It`s the limited Ork Aqwadron Commander from ForgeWorld. Such a cool mini! So I am going to paint this single miniatue as my entry for my first ever competition.

While removing all moldlines I was thinking about a small scene for the base. My big brain (maybe talking about a large amount of air in my head ;) told me to add a parachute behind the ork. So it will look like he just landed and is calling for reinforcement to smash pointy ears.

Before I am working directly on the abse some testing had to be done. Mixing some PVA glue with water to let a handkercheif drain full of it. This was simple put on a testing-surface to see how folds are going to be and how it dries later tio be ready for some pimping and painting.

"Ladiez an' gentlemen, please fasten ya seatbelts. We'z going to 'ave sum turbulences..."

Sadly it took 2 full days now and it`s still a little bit wet. But the result is nice so far. I hope it will get as hard as I imagine, otherwise it would be a challenge for me adding some patches & rough seams to the parachute.

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